What people are saying about Mahak Films

Sharaf Khan has attended dancing and acting step on stage for two years now and has been involved in musical theater since the age of 22. Step on stage has absolutely been the best experience.
Mahak School gave a supportive team on dancing and acting . Meena Srivastav has grown in confidence across all three areas of musical theater especially in dancing acting and singing she enjoys every minute.
Mrs. L. Reshma says that her daughter has been nurtured and channeled in singing and casting. She also has singing lessons finding a bigger range and volume to her voice. She has been surprised on her acting and casting.
The younger sister of Amita says that she was encouraged to do modeling by her sister’s performance. She said she wanted to join the same school.
Abhishek told Mahak School cannot be accountable in the levels of enthusiasm, passion, excitement, education and commitment. he has encouraged completely through singing and casting.
On her 7 years, Vaishnavi joined step on stage as she says. She has since enjoyed playing in modeling. She has loved modeling from her 7 years and also she enjoys solo and duo acting.